you made it! thanks so much for stopping by, I can't to share my day to day with you! happy drifting, dreamers. 

h a p p y s e a + d r i f t a w a y

h a p p y s e a + d r i f t a w a y

okay friends, this one is close to my heart! Have you ever met someone that just speaks to your soul? a new friend that feels like you've known for a lifetime that you would just hug all day and chat with until sundown? enter my new fav girl, Owyn! Not only is she an ocean baby and sun lover, but has a dream and is pursuing her passions. When driftaway was first getting off the ground, a sweet mutual friend introduced me to Owyn's mom who owns the cutest store in downtown Fernandina Beach, Color It Green. She was gracious enough to start carrying my jewelry and soon became one of my favorite people around, Owyn also has her own line of adorable clothes and cards that I love so much. We hit it off QUICK, and so did our brands of course!

This past weekend we created a Happy Sea loves Driftaway collab and meshed up our products and designs to create something so totally rad I was proud to be a part of it! It was hot, hot, hot down in West Palm Beach for the show but Owyn's sweet friends (pictured above) came out to help us and support, plus we got yummy margs afterwards so it was worth the heat. All of Owy'n products are 100% her designs, with a little inspo from her lovely momma, and totally made in the grand USA! 10% of her profits also go back to ocean conservation so save the wales and dolphins and turtles!!!!

Pictured above from top to bottom is me with a pineapple friend wearing a Happy Sea tank, us being goofy at our display, her sweet friends Taylor and Becca being amazing and sporting our wears, and lastly is my new soul sister + dreamer friend Owyn. 

shop driftaway: etsy.com/driftawayyjewelry

shop Happy Sea: www.thehappysea.com


f l o r a l  d r e s s

f l o r a l d r e s s

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