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habitual reading

habitual reading

We all have habits.....and I know that mine is shopping and buying endless cups of coffee BUT I am trying to institute something a little bit better for my budget and my spirit. Growing up I always was reading, couldn't go anywhere without a book. Lately I've been trying to get back to my old ways and shift my focus from screens to pages, from texts to paragraphs, and from nonsensical scrolling to novels. I decided to write a post sharing some of my fav books so if anyone wants to join me, these are some good reads! Recently I purchased the super simple version of the kindle so I can throw it in my purse and head out, I also have a habit of reading more than one book at once so the kindle keeps the bulk down :) this one was only $80 and can hold HUNDREDS of books! Great purchase!

Currently I am reading How's Your Soul by Judah Smith and it's speaking to my heart, if you haven't dove into Judah Smith's teachings or any of his books then start here! He is a well known Christian author and speaker and is super relatable and easy to read. This one is about healing from the inside out, how to start with yourself and your soul so you can be your best self and most importantly your brightest light for Christ. 

from top picture to bottom:

1. WILD- possibly my favorite book, not just because of the movie, but because its real. Cheryl Strayed found a way to get herself back up and keep on going, all while hiking the Pacific Coast Trail. If you like nature plus a good story of a strong woman, this is for you. 

2. THE BEST YES- every once and a while I need a good kick in the pants to keep my life headed in the right direction, this book really helped me to learn how to make the difficult decisions. Every day we are faced with tons of options, invitations, and questions and its often hard to navigate the best thing to do. As a Christian, you never want to say no and never want to let anyone down. Lysa explains in this book how to overcome this feeling of needing to "do it all" and how to make the best decisions for ourselves. 

3. GIRL IN THE WOODS- this is a little bit harsher of a topic, but such a compelling read. Aspen Matis didn't take the easiest path during college, but it lead her to exactly where she needed to be. After a horrible situation one night in college, she left her life behind and headed out alone on a journey in the woods. As someone who finds answers in the trees and feels more life within me when I'm near the ocean, I love a good read about someone finding themselves while getting back to nature. 

4. INTO THE WILD- more nature, I sense a theme in my reading patterns....... this one is simply a must read if you love the woods or nature or the ocean or just being outside. the end. 

also great titles I couldn't leave out is THE DEFINING DECADE by Meg Jay and CARRY ON WARRIOR by Glennon Melton. These two books seriously changed my life. When I graduated from college I was single, broke, wide-eyed, curious, scared, hungry, more scared, and unsure of anything.....these two books really changed that for me. Not only did I find myself in Christ, but also my own little place in this world. 

Reading is good for you, get you some books! 


going glossier

going glossier

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