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power of habits

power of habits

Over here keeping it peachy it 2018! I have to lead with saying I am a naturally optimistic person, just generally in a good mood, but there are some days when that is not the case!  

One of my favorite ways to relax and pass the time is with a good podcast. Recently I was listening to Oprah's Super Soul Conversations (who doesn't love Oprah) while she was interviewing the author of The Happiness Project. If you haven't read the book its a good and light read, with ideas of how to brighten up your life and to help you get to the root of what reallllllly makes you happy. While listening I started thinking about my everyday and how much those tiny routine details matter - they contribute the most to your overall happiness! 

I quickly started to focus on the power of habits: those little things we do that day by day are totally forgettable but over time make a heck of a difference. By no means am I an expert, but I wanted to share some little things I do that work for me and might even be worth a try! 

GIVE COMPLIMENTS - who doesn't love being told how cute they look?! See something in someone, SPEAK IT! Tell the lady at the grocery store her baby is adorable, give your boyfriend/husband an extra boost of confidence by telling them how much you appreciate them, tell the girl in line next to you at target that her boots are the cutest, tell your barista that her lattes are AMAZING, or call up and old friend and just share a memory. Seeing or hearing another person happy instantly will make YOU HAPPY! 

THE POWER OF TEA - idk about ya'll but a good cup of tea with some honey before you go to bed can do some wonders! I love to have my cup on the couch with a book and not staring at my phone, its a minute to wind down and do just be calm and present. This is also super helpful during the day as just a moment to take a break. PLUS green tea is amazing for you so a cup a day will totally help your metabolism. 

KEEP LOOKING UP - we all have those horrible days that feel like a literal cloud is above us, I had one this past week and really just wanted to scream. In those moments I have my mantra "keep looking up" to get me through. My "keep looking up" reminds me that God is in control, I'm doing all I can, and the day will get better. He is there and He is watching over us.

REMEMBER TO SMILE - pretty self explanatory, smiling is easier than frowning so that's all the logic I need. 

HUM IT OUT - this might be something that sounds lame to you, but totally works for me. Humming keeps me from thinking and processing 24/7, if gives my brain a break and just stops me from diving into a deep tunnel of craziness. I do it when I clean, when I shower, in the car, or just when I need a good brain shut down.

GO TO SLEEP HAPPY - mad? sad? depressed? upset? not only will this disrupt your sleep but might also stay in your brain alllllll the way until morning. Now I know some things can't be fixed over night but I love to leave each day happy, fall asleep with the happy, and keep it right on going through morning into the next day. 

FIND SOMETHING JUST FOR YOU - at some point we all have to be a little but selfish, even if its just one thing a day. Take a walk, go see a movie, buy a magazine, take a bath, get a grande latte, splurge on the good mascara, take a class. For me over the past year it has been getting into working out, yoga and Pure Barre, and it is 100% the reason I stay sane. I can let it all out and also be surrounded by a room full of wonderful women. Find something that you love, and let yourself do it consistently! 

what are some things you do everyday? Is there a way you calm your spirit? Keep it up and that every day becomes a part of you! 

xo, Dowling 





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