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Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

Hey ya'll! I finally got to try out some Daily Harvest cups and they were delicious. I had been seeing some of my favorite bloggers showing off their cups and wanted to share some of my favorites. I went with only smoothies, but now there are lattes and harvest bowls that you can order! I know myself, and the only thing that will stay good is something I can leave in the freezer for a week and then still eat it!

I ordered mine and they were delivered within the week, you can choose your delivery day to make sure its a day you're home since these need to get into the fridge quick.


I decided to mix almond milk with all of my choices and mix these up for my lunches! Each cup is 2 servings, around 150-200 calories per serving. Totally perfect for an afternoon snack, or for a meal replacement. There are tons of choices of cups but I;m going to share about the ones I tried below from my favorite to my least favorite (but they were all YUMMY!!!):


Chocolate and blueberry - AMAZING! tasted like a milkshake

Strawberry and peach - two of my favorite fruits, delicious

mango and greens - oh yeah, healthy

blueberry and hemp

cold brew and almond - good but not very sweet, only get if you like unsweetened coffee! 

chai and coconut - VERY light 


Follow this link for 3 free cups, making your first purchase around $20!



xx- Dowling 


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