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8 Beauty Must Haves!

8 Beauty Must Haves!


FINALLY! It's taken me a while to get to this post, but I'm so excited for it! When it comes to hair and make up, I am a big fan going as naturally as possible and minimal products but I do have a few I use very regularly that I love! For this post I picked my top 8 favorite products, ranging from hair to make up to tanning. I would love to answer any questions you may have about each one as well, and to shop these products head to my "SHOP MY LOOKS" page and you can go right from there! 

1. KRISTEN ESS LEAVE IN CONDITIONER - if I was on a desert island and could only take one product, this would be it! Kristen Ess is a hair stylist for the stars (like my girl crush Lucy Hale) but has created a line for Target that has all the hair product goals. This leave in conditioner is a light spray that smells like heaven that is gentle enough to use every night. I tend to sleep with my hair wet and can wake up tangle free after using this conditioner. 

2. TARTE PRO TO GLOW - make up is not my area of expertise, but this palette makes it so easy to get a nice glow and a little contouring without the hassle! Inside the palette is a foundation, a highlighter, and a bronzer. So simply brush the foundation on under your cheek bones, add the bronzer across your cheeks, and then highlight above! I have used this palette for every wedding I have been in to do my own make up and its the total package. 

3. TARTE BLUSH - the perfect shade! a deep rose that gives a summer glow! If I could only use one beauty product daily, it would be some blush! 

4. KOPARI COCONUT DEO - yummmm mostly love this for the smell but I have been really into detoxifying deodorants and this one has easily become the winner. Leaves you smelling like the ocean but also super dry, even after a good work out. 

5. ST. TROPEZ MOUSSE SELF TANNER - when it comes to self tanning I am super nervous and hate to try new products! I looked up the reviews for this one after seeing it on other blogger's pages and knew it would be worth a shot. It is in a mousse form so that its easy to spread on your skin with no streaking, and leaves no extra residue since it is so light. I coat my whole body with it (except my face!) and leave it on for an hour to two hours and then rinse off in the shower. The color works overnight so it intensifies even after you have washed the product off, and I re-apply about every two weeks. The smell isn't harsh at all and it's not sticky, so thumbs up in my book! 

6. ESSENTIAL OIL ROLLER - there's always some sort of oil in my bag, and rollers are the easiest to keep around in my purse! I usually like some combo of lavender or peppermint as they are very calming and help my common migraines. I find these at target, or any online seller of oils! 

7. GLOSSIER BOY BROW - glossier is totttallllllyyyy worth the hype! Since eyebrows are all the rage lately, boy brow is perfect to keep yours looking good without paying to have them done. This product is like a mascara for your eyebrows, super easy to apply and you just choose the color that's best for your brows. 

8. KOPARI LIP GLOSSY - I could eat this it's so yummy! Coconut Oil is great for anything, especially your lips! Mine get super chapped easily so finding this lip gloss was great as it goes on smooth and is only slightly shiny so that its not overkill. This is a great product for the makeup minimalist. 

I would love for you to head to my "SHOP MY LOOKS" page and click on the links to these products if you want to try them! Everything is under $25, happy shopping! 



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